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Our highly qualified specialists and caring team is always ready to provide high quality health services to the patients all through the day.

Our commitment to you

We are commited to meeting our patient needs with the highest ethical code of conduct and skills.

We care to provide the best services

CFU offers a diverse range of services to its patients with services excellently extended that our patients get the best from us.

About Us

CFU Medical centre is dedicated to improving lives of the Poor, vulnerable and disabled groups in rural and urban informal settlements.


Excellence in providing innovative interventions,services, capacity building, research, and advocacy to end disease, illiteracy and poverty in vulnerable and disadvantaged populations


A world without disease, illiteracy and poverty in vulnerable and disadvantaged populations


Promote and improve human development in rural and urban poor populations to have productive individuals,families and communities.






Research Labs


Patients Treated


We offer a wide range of health services to the patients with the best specialists in charge of each of the services


Getting a precise analysis can be quite possibly the most significant encounter that you can have, particularly in the event that you've been looking for that response for some time. We give special attention to each of the patient and provide the best answer in respose to the situation.


Knowledge and Experience with standard application of procedures is required to answer the questions sought by clinicians through laboratory investigations. That is why we at Child and Family Medical Centre employ the skill of our knowledgeable and experienced lab technicians in following standard procedures to answer those questions.Come and get a reliable answer to your health challenges


Medicine relieves pain but a warm smile cures and uplift the spirit. Our nurses make sure you feel the warmth of our hearts, the reception in our spirits and the yearning for a better you. Trust us today to nurse you through any health difficulties.


Our experienced personnel in imaging have eyes into your body. Trust us for accurate scans and X-rays of any body parts.

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We have a wide range of departments to cater for our client needs.

General Medicine

Meet out physicians today for a medical consultation.

This medical specialty deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. A patient is examined and treated by a physician.

General Surgery

We cover minor surgeries.

This encompasses a broad range of surgery often in emergency situations with a frequent emphasis on .

Obstetrics anad Gynacology

Obstetrics and Gynaecology deals with the care of pregnant woman, her unborn child and the management of diseases specific to women.

CFU is fully equiped with the right specialists and equipment to fully attent to the women/females that in anyway need help with the reproductive system before and during pregnancy.


We walk with you through antenatal care till delivery.

We have well trained midwives and a present specialist doctor to provide all the care and attention needed by our mothers in maternity. Our well designed packages suite every mother right from antenatal to delivery. Trust us because we promise the best.


We care for the young ones.

We have a full time pediatrician who is well trained with children. We offer a wide range of children services just to ensure that our young ones are in good health.


We do a range of tests.

We have a modern laboratory equipped to carry over 50 types of tests. The laboratory works to ensure accuracy and authenticity of results for all tests carried out & therefore assist treatment plans by our doctors.


Despencing drugs.

CFU has a well-stocked pharmacy with all the necessary and required medicine for efficient services. We boost of a team of qualified and highly experienced nurses to advise on treatment

Malnutrition Clinic

Malnutrition Clinic

Our services under this clinic are of great impact to our clients. They range from child screening, treatment and educating the mothers on how to prepare low cost nutritious meals for the family so as to stop any further occurance of malnutrition in their homes.


The Imagging department

We offer Xray services to our clients and also provide any neccessary advise in case need be.


Ultrasound Scan Services

CFU offers state-of-the-art imaging services using modern technology equipment ultrasound scan.

Operating Theartre

Our Various Theatre procedures.

Our state-of-the-art Operating Theater is outfitted for a full range surgical procedures.

HIV & TB Clinic

HIV & TB Care

Right from testing, patient counselling to enrolling one into the HIV clinic for proper follow up and administering of the needed drugs, CFU offers all those servives.


Our team of dedicated medical specialists

Dr Nickaf Geoffrey T

Medical Officer

Dr Zephaniah Munyirwa

Clinical Officer

Dr Ezekiel Mupere


Godfrey Nzingo

Medical laboratory Technician

Bridget Nakiyingi

Medical laboratory Technician

Mariam Anya


Charity Agol


Lydia Nakado


Andrew Nuwagaba


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Plot 816/7, Mpererwe, Ttula RD


+256 414 693073

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