Who is eligible to be a CFU Volunteer?

Volunteer positions are open to all individuals who meet the qualifications outlined below, without regard to race, color, gender, national origin, age, or disability. The minimum age is 18 years by the start of your volunteer service. The volunteer will be required to pay a fee 100000/= before joining the team.

Most of our current mission outreaches have a medical focus but you do not have to be a doctor, nurse or any other medical provider to serve. There are many roles to be filled by volunteers that bring their own unique skills to the team. The roles are present in the administration, Research and Data Centre, CFU SACCO and Information Systems Department.

These volunteer programs require commitment of time (which may vary depending on the program) and additional skills like excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Teaching experience and public service experience are also helpful. Depending on the location, other skills may be needed such as local language(s), clerical, computer, research and writing abilities.

Volunteer Requirements

  1. Compassion to deal with the sick, poor, and disadvantaged people
  2. Open-Mindedness and Patience to work with a diverse public and staff
  3. Integrity to represent the organization and oneself with the highest standards
  4. Dedication to CFU’s mission and to the values of the volunteer program
  5. Reliability to consistently keep one’s volunteer commitment to CFU
  6. You will be doing something useful for the world that is of greatest importance as serving others is a way of giving back to the community and the world.
  7.  It’s an opportunity to meet active, idealistic people from different walks of life. You will make connections for your work and/or education.
  8. You will know that you are an integral part of touching people, building lives in a meaningful way. The responses you receive back from the vulnerable people are worth every hour you volunteer.

Apply today to volunteer in any of the department above. Fill in the form below and we shall be contacting you.